You’ve Got Mail!!!

The strangest things captivate my attention and immediately I feel compelled to act.  I noticed a gentlemen carefully sorting through his mail in flight and I wanted to encourage him for a job well done! It is so exciting when individuals take charge of their lives (responsibilities).

What do I mean and how does this classify as being in control of your life/responsibilities?  Many individuals will stuff those bills in a drawer and secretly stress over them instead of dealing with the root of the issue.  When an individual avoids maintaining control of unopened mail; not only does the pile get bigger but the thought of the task has the propensity to cause undue stress, high blood pressure, headaches, hives, panic attacks, insomnia and so many other things physically and psychologically that could develop unknowingly as a result of the mile high, unopened mail.

Think about it; the best thing that can happen when you regain control and open your mail is that your level of stress could decrease.  It is possible that the breakthrough you have been waiting for is in one of those envelopes.  You have been praying for a miracle, but too frightened to open your blessing.  There could be a credit on your utility bill(s) or phone bill due to overpayment. That has never happened? Sure it has!

God honors your obedience of being a good steward over your health and finances. Go through your bills, two or three envelopes could be from the same company.  Break free!

In box me and let me know that you will be crushing the giant (unopened mail).  The only pre-requisite to your peace in this respect is a decision. Take back your power and stop letting unopened mail bully you.

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