Financially stable or unstable?  What is your current status?

Overcoming financial instability requires you to define the state of your current financial situation.  Financial stability means that you spend less than you earn.  It means that your income covers your obligations and for many individuals, there is enough to invest and/or save.  In contrast, financial instability, means that an individual is spending more than he or she earns, living above their means.  Take the financial assessment and determine where you stand.  These are simple tips that could help you to add stability to your personal finances:

1)       Learn to control your spending – Before you learn to control your spending, you must first identify where you are overspending, what you are overspending on and how to reign your spending in.  Once you have understood the where, what and how, take the necessary steps to bring your spending under control.  If you need help, do not be afraid to ask an expert in this area.

2)      Be patient and diligent – An unstable financial situation does not happen overnight; nor will it disappear overnight.  Avoid becoming frustrated with yourself and your situation. Take the time to do the work.  Discipline and diligence are required to turn your lemons into lemonade.  In other words, don’t abort the process, become the best student of your personal finances that you can be.

3)      Climb out of debt –  When you see the process through, climbing out of debt is inevitable.  Patience, discipline and diligence are the stepping-stones to being able to see your way through and climbing out.  If you are overextended and want to get your finances under control; do the opposite of what is causing you to become over extended.  For example, eating out, impulsive shopping, purchasing an expensive vehicle or home that doesn’t fit into your budget or lending money to friends or family when you cannot afford it.  Whatever is causing your finances to spiral out of control, stop it now, see the process through and within six months to one year you will be on your way out.

It’s never too late to become financially stable.  Learn to control your spending, be patient and diligent, don’t abort the process and you will be on the road to financial wellness/stability within six months to one year.

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