This month, I am featuring Wealth Builders who have made great strides since our First Annual LMLDF VIP Conference.  Nine took advantage of the 15-minute complimentary discovery session.  They clearly understand where they stand financially and are moving full speed ahead.  Some enrolled in my Coaching Subscription program and are seeing tremendous results.  They are steadfast in getting the work done to see the results they expect.

Meet Minister Denise Ferro; she is a mother, minister, cancer survivor, visionary, real estate investor, and master of her money.  Denise, too, is grounded in her faith and looks to God for guidance in everything she does.  Denise hit the ground running after the conference.  She scheduled her complimentary session, enrolled for the Coaching Subscription program, and has made beyond extraordinary strides in her finances.

Through her health challenges, Min Denise is still plowing through her assignments and has created an additional income stream.  She exceeded her goal of earning an extra $ 1,200 monthly and started funding her emergency fund with $1500.  Denise has cleaned up her credit; her credit score increased by 30 points and still rising.  She has many other great things happening and will share them in her own words over time.

Way to go, Minister Denise!!!  Your hard work has paid off in more than one way.  Keep plowing!


Christine Roebuck, CEO