What is your main focus with your personal finances?  What does financial freedom look like to you?  During conversations that I have had with numerous people concerning their personal finances; I have found that the common denominator is a desire to drop the weight of debt (debt freedom) and increase their credit scores.  Most say “Financial Freedom”.  Some say, “Retire wealthy” and others, “Invest more”.

Being focused means clear, center of interest or activity.

What you tend to focus on the most will manifest.  Some people focus more on how bad their credit looks (low credit scores), the delinquency of their bills, that they will never be able to make ends meet, that they may not be able to own a home or that they will not be able to live a debt free life.  Whatever you magnify, will become your reality.  Get focused on the positive side to your situation.  If financial freedom is your focus or goal, all of the negative thoughts has to move to your rear-view mirror.  Stay focused on what is before you and the negative thoughts will dissipate.  Yes, be honest with where you are, but focus more on where you aspire to go on your journey.

After giving this some thought; what does your renewed focus look like?  How will you redirect your thoughts?  How will you direct your interest to obtain clarity on your journey to financial freedom and wealth?

Practical tips to guide your focus:

1)      Be determined to retrain your negative thoughts – When things are not going well with your finances, negative thoughts tend to speak volumes.  Shift!  Redirect your thoughts, as well as how you speak, from negative to positive.  This is a practical step that will change your view of every negative thought with a vengeance.

2)      Be honest with yourself – Being honest with where you are does not mean that you have succumb to your current state.  What it does is acknowledges your current state.  By acknowledging where you are, you are able to become more teachable, acquire knowledge and skills that will invoke change to happen in your finances.

3)      Inspect your reality – Be the one who determines what your reality looks like.  Other people’s reality does not equate to what yours should look like.  In other words, avoid asking for financial advice of others that does not have clarity of their own situations and are not able to properly counsel or guide you on your journey, towards financial freedom.  This is not the time for the blind to lead the blind, no pun intended.

Financial freedom requires you to maintain your focus.  When you find yourself getting off track to smell the roses too long, remember to re-gain your focus.  A blurred vision of your personal finances impedes your journey towards financial freedom.

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