There will be times when you will miss your financial goals, but don’t fret.  Regroup and determine what needs to be done to get back on track.  Meet Pastors Lisa and Randel Barnes.  In a recent interview, pastor Lisa shared that she has a master’s degree and is proud of it, but she is most proud of being a lifelong learner.  She said, “Instead of panicking or allowing a financial struggle to shake you, SHIFT.”

Lisa says, “My husband and I did not have a lot of debt, but our credit scores were in the 400s to 500s.”  She further stated that they started by crushing their mindset of overspending.  They began with a five-year plan and built upon the success of the previous two years, developing a good credit history using a secured visa account.  Their reward was triple fold; they earned rewards points and increased their credit scores and buying power.  One decision to develop a financial discipline to be on time with their payments shifted their wealth-building journey.  Their credit scores went from the 400s to above 800.  She shared that they went on to upgrade their appliances using reward points and remodeled sections of their home with zero interest paid.

It is often that some individuals hit one obstacle after another and quit.  Lisa encouraged the audience to find a way to get around the roadblocks.  Their goal was to position themselves to increase their buying power, and they did.  Barnes’ credit scores are above 800 due to a mindset shift and focused intensity, creating financial disciplines that anyone can do.

Pastors Randel and Lisa Barnes, job WELL DONE!  The best is yet to come!

Christine Roebuck

Financial Strategist