I wanted to share a retirement tip from an article written by Katherine Roy, Chief Retirement Strategist, JP Morgan Asset Management.  According to Roy (2014), being consistent with saving for retirement in a challenging market may seem difficult, however it is essential.  She defines consistency as 15 being the new 10.  Some experts have suggested that 10% of our annual income should be saved for our retirement.  It seems that Roy is suggesting that in order to live well in our golden years, we must increase that percentage of our personal annual income from 10% to 15%.  I know you must be thinking, how can I afford to do that?


It is important to learn practical principles of maintaining control of your spending, savings and investments.  Modifying or transforming your behaviors, if need be, will enable you to transition to putting away 15% of your personal income.  It’s now or never; your golden years will be here before you know it.


Sadly, that is why more of our elderly are working in their golden years instead of retiring; because they have to, not because they want to.  Thanks for the article Harold Gilbert.



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