Developing financial disciplines that enable you to get the results you deserve and desire is possible.  Each month this year, I am ecstatic to highlight Generational Wealth Builders who have worked hard to shift their mindset and create a lifestyle that charts the course for generations.

We celebrate Ruby Mitchell’s success in crushing her 2022 financial goals!  Here are a couple of examples in her own words of how she did it:  Ruby says when she plans for giving opportunities at church, vacations for her grandchildren, or for spending money for herself, she “Squirrels Away” a few bucks here and there.  When it comes time for those life events, she is ready without taking money from savings or household funds.  This is a great principle that ANYONE can do.  What an excellent principle, Ruby! 

Another example, Ruby has a large family with more than twenty grandchildren.  Ruby says, “She and her husband are givers and ensure their grandchildren enjoy extracurricular activities and vacations.  Sometimes she gives to everyone else and forgets to treat herself.”  Ruby says that in 2022, she decided to treat herself.  She worked hard, crushed her “800” credit score goal, and purchased a car on her own.  She said, “Giving myself the car was like, self-care.”  Ruby says, “Don’t wait to position your family’s future for generational wealth.  How you leave your family determines how your family will live.”

Great work, and congratulations, Ruby!!!  Continue to enjoy the fruit of your labor.