Wanda Collins, congratulations on earning the title Generational Wealth Builder of the Quarter!

I recently had a conversation with Mrs. Collins and discussed how she overcame financial difficulties at a time in her life when she felt helpless and hopeless.  She openly shared her reason(s) for staying the course, not aborting the process while experiencing traumatic financial devastation.  This is a portion of her story and some nuggets of why she saw the process through.  She says her life has been transformed by making behavioral adjustments related to her finances.

Wanda said, “I didn’t abort the process because I have seen it happen to too many other people.”  Mrs. Roebuck encouraged me to believe in myself enough to know that being a good manager of my finances is a process, not a race.  I started to believe that I was going to be the lender and not ALWAYS the borrower.  God had to allow some of my “safeguards” to turn me down when I asked for help and depend on him.  I had to get rid of my pride about bankruptcy and the possibility of foreclosure and put into practice the knowledge and skills I had learned from Live My Life Debt Free and others.  I had all of the tools available to me but I resisted the skills and knowledge I had acquired.  Finally, I was extremely tired of the stress of not wanting to answer the creditor’s phone calls.  The weight of caring other people’s burdens, trying to help others for “appearance sake” attributed to me feeling as though I was drowning.

Now, I feel proud that I can pay my bills on time and in full.  My credit score has gone from a 458 to 622 and rising.  I think before I buy on impulse; I discuss with my husband before helping any family members.  We talk about what bills are going to be paid; I don’t feel ashamed to ask my husband for help and most of all I have my tithes paid through payroll deduction to the church.  I feel especially honored to be able to bless the first family with a special offering from time to time.  What I have gained since seeing this process through is s PEACE of MIND.

Thank you Wanda Collins for sharing your personal journey with us.  The best is yet to come!

Many Blessing!





Christine Roebuck,CEO