Most people give more attention to planning weddings than to retirement.  Have you planned well to retire and live the lifestyle you desire? Once retired, have you thought about what your daily activities would look like?  How would your day begin?  After a shower, breakfast, and morning coffee, what’s next?  How far in advance have you planned to live the lifestyle you want after working twenty to thirty years in one profession?

Meet Sharon Williams; she is a woman of faith, College Professor, retired educator and retired high school counselor, LMLDF Generational Wealth Builder, and now, a business owner.  Sharon crushed her financial goals in 2022.  She stepped out on faith and acted on her plans for a few years before retiring.  As a good steward of her finances, Sharon had the foresight to consult her financial advisors and legal counsel before starting the next chapter of her life.

Sharon has a natural gift for interior decorating, baking, coordinating and planning weddings, and baby showers, to name a few things.  She is a phenomenally skilled event coordinator and decorator for ANY occasion.  At the same time, her grandmother’s delicious sweet potato pie recipe lives on through her.  Sharon’s signature creation is her addictive peanut brittle. Clients seek Sharon’s peanut brittle from across several states.

Last year, Sharon started her business Kate’s Creations, and it is booming. She says she had always dreamed of being her own boss, allowing her to volunteer more, travel, and spend time with family and friends.  Sharon says, “Life is short; follow your dreams, and don’t allow any obstacle to stop you, not even you.”  Before taking that leap, Sharon consulted with trusted financial advisors and a financial coach.  She had a legal team to review your retirement and business documents, and her business coach helped with all things business startups.  Great job Sharon!!  The best is yet to come!


Here is some of Sharon’s delicious brittle, and beautiful packaging.  Retiring and beginning a new chapter has never been so sweet.




Christine Roebuck

Financial Strategist