Financial independence means different things to different people.  Make it a practice to keep it simple on your journey to financial independence.  In other words, avoid being so serious that you become legalistic about the way you manage your money.  First, ask yourself, “What do you do to remind you why you want to be financially independent?  What do you value?” For me, in part, it is time freedom.  Reflect on the rewards of your diligence to be debt-free and enjoy what money can do for you, not so much what you can do for your money.

I have found that implementing simple lifestyle changes that make sense for your household could mean a massive difference in how you spend your golden years.  I surveyed a few wealth builders in the community, and here are three simple things that they are doing that you can do today to stretch your dollar when your money is funny.

  1. “Be conscious of where your money is going.” (Lakita Corey)
  2. “Leave all debit/credit cards at home.  Take only a specific amount of cash for the week.” (Kenneth J. Roebuck, II)
  3. “Check what’s in the fridge and cook at home.” (Kym Melvin)

Lastly, spending less than what you earn is always easy to do and easy not to do.  However, if you implement this simple money management tip into your lifestyle, your older/wiser self will thank you, and so will generations.

Christine Roebuck, Financial Strategist