Inflation has been around us for months.  In my opinion, it’s worse because of political atrocities taking place internationally among other things.  While it is impossible for consumers to stop a war, we can rethink our day-to-day decision-making.  I enjoy highlighting real stories of wealth builders, within our community, who are working their financial disciplines and impacting lives generationally.

Meet Lisa Latrese, she stands firm on her faith that God will provide for her family, realizing that a level of responsibility is hers.  She says, “We have to be disciplined and hear God in the quiet moments because he will guide us through this time.”

For example, “I purchased braces for my daughter and they are on a 0% interest until August 2023.  With my tax refund, I intended on paying them off, but God showed me how to pay off something else that would free up over $100 in my immediate monthly budget and still allowed me to put a lump sum toward the braces.  Do you know what an additional $25 per week can do with a gas increase?  It’s the things we consider little that we have to listen to Him the closest that means the most.”

Notice the options that Minister Lisa has because she is patient.  Making decisions when you are anxious is costly.  Remember, it pays to make wise choices when inflation turns up the heat.

Christine Roebuck, Financial Strategist