Knowing how to create and navigate your way through your investment portfolio requires a professional who is proficient in this area.  Moreover, understanding how buying and trading works when the markets are stable is confusing and could be stressful at best, let alone during an economic spiral.

The IYNW Group/CEO

According to Robin Sloan, CEO of The IYNW Group (2020), “I stress the importance of playing defense as well as offense in our portfolios.  Simply stated, put your eggs in different baskets, rather than just one is critical to building wealth.  Studies show that your asset allocation decisions-not the stocks we necessarily pick, account for more than 90% of a portfolio’s long-term returns.  I stress to my clients, overall, to put asset allocation front and center.  Additionally, when dealing with the purchase of stocks, we should always be using “trailing stop losses” regardless if the market is bullish or bearish to minimize loss and move/adjust it accordingly.”

Sloan suggests that “Loading up on protection during an extreme bear-market such as the present for protection in the form of cash and gold is always a smart play.”  In a nutshell, seek the assistance of professionals, whether in a bullish or bearish market.  I suggest that you stay calm and avoid making sudden moves (no pun intended) with your portfolios.

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Christine Roebuck/CEO