Have you ever gotten ready to leave for vacation and felt like there was something that you have forgotten to do?  Many people are starting to take their summer vacations.  Some planned ahead and some are spontaneous travelers.  There are a few things that can save you time, money and reduce your level of stress before leaving on your vacation.  Make a list and check it twice!

1)      Plan ahead – Start planning at least a year out for your vacation.  First, determine what your budget will be, inclusive of spending money and where you will vacation.

2)      Save for your trip – Avoid using credit cards to fund your vacation unless you are able to pay off the credit card within 30 days or before the next billing cycle.  Make sure that your vacation does not follow you home.  There is nothing that can spoil your summer vacation more than seeing the credit card bills roll-in, after you return and there is no money to cover the expenses.

3)      Hold your mail – Protect yourself against thieves that will canvas your neighborhood and discover that you are not home if your mail box is overflowing with mail.  Go to www.usps.com and place your mail on hold until you return.  Also, remember to stop your newspaper deliveries or ask your neighbor or friend to collect them for you. 

4)      Copy your passport – For travelers that are vacationing in other countries; copy your passport to take with you, just in case you lose the original and make a copy for your safe deposit box to leave at home.  Remember to take your Passport Information Card with you.  This card has all of the pertinent phone numbers and Passport numbers that will be needed to replace a lost or stolen Passport.  Keep your Passport card in your wallet, separate from your passport.    Avoid leaving computers, wallets, checkbooks, Passports, IPad’s, expensive jewelry etc. in your room.  Upon arrival to your destination, make sure to place ALL of your valuable items in the hotel safe.

5)      Let someone know your schedule –  Tell a trusted friend, family member or neighbor when you will be away so that they can keep an eye out on your property for unusual activity.

Remember to make a list and check it twice!  Your comments are encouraged and welcome.  E-mail me at christineroebuck@livemylifedebtfree.com.