Taking inventory of where you are on your journey to financial independence is essential. It does not matter how long it takes to reach your goals as long as you execute your plan and follow it.  Your journey to financial independence is not a sprint but a marathon. Do you know how close you are?  I have listed a few inventory items that could be helpful during the process.

First, stay the course.  Once you have gained the knowledge needed to work towards your goals, execute.  Knowledge of financial independence alone is pointless without execution and execution is impossible without knowledge and a plan. Don’t throw in the towel.  I encourage you to stay the course you are almost there.  Second, knowing how much debt you have erased is a big deal, it brings you one step closer to financial independence.  Third, celebrate your milestones as your debt balance decrease in big or small amounts.  Fourth, it is impossible to formulate or update your strategy for financial independence without knowing the amount of your remaining debt.  Take a moment to review your debt balance.

Lastly, it is okay to be laser-focused on the practical steps of getting out of debt. But, re-evaluating the end goal, your progress, and your timeline to be debt-free will keep you motivated along the way.

Take inventory and enjoy the journey!

Christine Roebuck, Financial Strategist