FREEDOM – Live free from fear.  Fear binds; it causes you to lose focus of your dreams and goals and becomes all you think about.  If you have found yourself in a financial struggle and it just seems as though you cannot see your way out; give yourself permission to be free to succeed instead of drowning in doubt and defeat.  The power to will your mind to see yourself through the ordeal before you, is within you.  Face the situation head on and do not allow past due bills, limited savings, bad credit, more month than money or too much money dictate how your day, week, month or year goes.

Expectation – Inspect what you expect.  What are you expecting?  How are you expecting your current situation to work out?  How are your speaking about your situation?   Although things might look pretty daunting; are you speaking defeat or victory?  Can you see yourself on top?  Written financial goals are essential to a victorious outcome.  When you have a written plan, it is easier to navigate your way through difficult financial matters.  Without a written plan, you can believe that it will take you much longer to reach your goals, if at all.

Attitude – You must have a winning attitude!  Thinking positive enables you to stay the course.  It IS possible to stay positive when you are staring a stack of bills, bankruptcy, delinquencies, and low credit scores in the face.  Avoid letting fear paralyze you; take action.

Relentless – Refuse to quit!  Be relentless at taking the bull by the horns and deal with whatever the issue is.  Wishing the problem away is not a viable solution.   Hiding the bills in a drawer is not the answer.  Arguing over the lack of money or overspending will not resolve the matters at hand.  However, taking action by communicating with your creditors and with those in your household is a great start.  Remember that you did not get in a tight spot overnight and getting out overnight, realistically speaking, is unlikely.

Remember to take action by activating your freedom, expect great things to happen, have a winning attitude and refuse to quit; be relentless until you get the task at hand under control and WIN.

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