Kim is a single mother earning middle to upper class income, but overwhelmed with an insurmountable amount of debt.  It seems that functioning without a written spending plan attributed to the weight of having what appeared to be an exponential amount of debt.  What do I mean by that?  Having creditors, payments, interest rates and approximate balances committed to memory can produce a certain amount of undue stress, anxiety and a sense of entrapment.  Unfortunately, many Americans operate with a similar kind of dysfunctional financial strategy.


I commend Kim for making the decision to take massive action to  dispel the  notion, of being over-taken by the fear, of not being able to live a debt free life.  Free to experience the things that financial freedom has to offer; give more, live more, fund her daughter’s college education, purchase a new home and much more.  Kim has chosen to change the landscape of her family’s financial destiny for generations to come.  She stated that she is “SICK AND TIRED of the feeling of not being able to stand on her own”.  Way to go Kim!!  Take your new journey to financial independence in stride and by storm!


Whether married, single, divorced, retired, unemployed or employed; at times it will probably take something as drastic such as getting sick and tired of being stagnant or feeling as though there is a hole in your pocket or purse (money disappearing faster than it comes in) in order to prompt an individual to shift in their thought process.  I encourage you to find a trusted financial coach or adviser to help you get started on your financially independence journey today.


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