Getting into debt is easy.  However, getting out of debt is a process.  Digging deeper in debt makes it more difficult to get out.  So, when you decide to break the cycle of debt increase, simply cease charging unless you are paying off your credit card balances monthly.  When you discover that you can no longer manage paying the balances in full, you have developed a credit crisis.  There are three things that happens when you keep digging:

  1. Balances on credit cards and unsecured lines of credit, grows.
  2. Over-time, interest owed continues to compound.
  3. Debt release becomes unattainable for years.  Therefore, you will remain in debt.

On the other hand, when and if you stop digging, these are three things that could occur:

  1. You will see your debt balances gradually decrease.  To see more of a reduction, pay at least ten dollars or more above your monthly payment.
  2. You will regain control of your finances.
  3. Experience debt release which moves you closer to debt freedom.

So, remember to stop digging and stick to your strategy.






Christine Roebuck, CEO

Financial Strategist

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