Avoid letting change happen to you.  Become the change that happens through you.

Many people aspire to see change happen in their lives; yet “tomorrow” never seem to come.  Do you know anyone that consistently says, “I’ll do it tomorrow”?  Procrastination opens the door and invites stagnation and mediocrity in.  Do you feel that you have the adequate level of growth personally and financially to invoke the kind of change, that in turn changes the landscape of your finances?  Perhaps your profit margins are lower than you would prefer them to be.  Whatever the situation, intentional growth is paramount.  Implementing intentional discipline, focus and a strong desire to become more educated in your areas of strengths and weaknesses alike in life, finances included, are essential.  There are many resources available that will enable you to learn to manage your finances well.  Seek out financial workshops in your local area, join financial empowerment calls or read ten pages of a book daily that will empower and encourage you while you are becoming the change you desire to see.

Be intentional about curtailing your spending (i.e. eating out, over spending, compulsive shopping, living above your means) as well as increasing your income.   Perhaps you have exhausted every place in your spending plan for cutting back; consider a second job or starting a business.  John Maxwell (2015) speaks of “Accidental Growth and Intentional growth”.  The assessment below can be used as a measuring tool to identify why the outcome of your activity or inactivity may be having a reverse effect on your desired expectations.

Examples of Accidental Growth: 1) Plans to start tomorrow 2) Waits for growth to come 3) Quits early and often 4) Falls into bad habits 5) Talks big 6) Plays it safe 7) Depends on good luck 8) Relies on talent 9) Learns only from mistakes 10) Stops learning after graduation.

Examples of Intentional Growth: 1) Takes complete responsibility to grow 2) Follows through 3) Takes risks 4) Often learns before mistakes 5) Perseveres long and hard 6) Fights for good habits 7) Thinks like a learner 8) Relies on character 9) Never stops growing 10) Insists on starting today.

Be intentional about your level of growth and avoid becoming dependent upon accidental growth; remember that nothing great happens by chance. Make “eliminating” accidental growth from your goals a priority.  Fight for good habits by choosing to eliminate the bad habits and adopt good ones.

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