“Take off the mask”

Will the real you please stand up?!  Many times people wear a mask when it comes to their money; one that even hides them, from themselves.  Take a close look in the mirror; remove the mask and be honest with yourself.  Are you faking it on your financial journey?  I will discuss some things that people deal with on a regular basis that could be symbolic of financial blinders or masks.  Be the real you with your family, friends, associates etc.  Masking your real financial situation could perpetuate a deeper hole, than necessary.  Live within your means, but not beneath your privileges.  Below are examples of a select few money problems that most people have that they mask:


  • Buying a house that they cannot afford – During the sub-prime lending debacle many consumers were approved for loan programs that weren’t a good fit and some eventually lost their homes. However, there are times when some individuals will either rent or purchase a home that is not conducive to what their bank account can afford, but conducive to the type of lifestyle that they wish to live; masking. Become the best student of your finances and do not be persuaded to purchase anything that does not fit into your budget. Just say no thanks and be okay with that. Take off the mask!


  • Not setting any financial goals – The dangers of operating in your finances without goals could be a set up for financial suicide. Where there are no goals set, calamity is imminent. For example, masking or pretending to be able to take that vacation and there are zero funds to pay for it; instead charge it.  Being proactive, intentionally planning and saving for your vacation will save you money and stress. Unmask, tell your friends or family that you will be having a stay-cation this year, but will vacation in the Caribbean next year. A stay-cation is a vacation in your home town or surrounding area that could be a fraction of the cost of an elaborate vacation that has not been adequately planned for.  If they are picking the tab, problem solved! Have a great vacation!


  • Making the same $$$ mistakes – Learn from past money mistakes. Repeating the same money mistakes and masking it as if doing the same thing will yield better results is unproductive. Doing the same thing and expecting things to change is insanity; you are guaranteed to yield the same results. Ask yourself, what have you been doing financially, that you did last year, the year before and are causing you financial growing pains? Whatever plan you have bought into that isn’t working; it’s time to get one that works. Make a “Next Level Move” and decide that it stops here today.


Whatever that is, this is a great day to unmask and be honest with yourself.  Will the real you avoid making purchases that is not within your financial plan or vision?  Will the real you start setting smart financial goals?  Will the real you avoid making the SAME money mistakes and please stand up?

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