Travel protection could be helpful.  I used to think travel insurance was unnecessary.  Traveling is uncertain, whether by land, air, or sea.  So, you’ll have options when you can invest in your travel.  I am not endorsing or advertising for any insurance or travel companies.  I am sharing that having travel insurance saved us $1030.00. ✈️

Last year, our original trip of choice was interrupted due to a Homeland Security warning.  This country had heightened alerts, and Americans were advised not to travel due to harmful situations that had taken place.  We heeded the warning and chose to vacation in Barbados.  Because we decided to change our plans, the airline did not offer a refund, but we could get a travel credit due to our trip insurance.  The restrictions were that we must reschedule within one year or lose our money.  The kicker is that I forgot about the travel credit.  The airline emailed me that our credit would expire within ten days.  Because scammers are busy, I vetted the email and contacted the airline directly, and they verified the amount in our travel bank.  The next important step was to schedule a trip to avoid losing money.


I know that airlines are overcharging for bags, seats, etc.  Take a moment to decide what’s best for you.  Vett emails that don’t seem accurate.  You never know you could have travel credits that you forgot about.  Paying $89.00 (trip insurance for two people) saved us $1030.  Safe travels, and enjoy!