Managing your finances is a life long journey.  So, it is important to trust God during the highs and lows.  If you are unhappy with your financial health, take a moment to assess where you are.  Some situations can only be resolved with time and there are others that require discipline, good decision-making practices coupled with following God’s way.

This is a testimony of a couple who are good stewards over everything God place in their hands.  However, they were not exempt them from fervently praying through a financial hurdle.  Johnetta and Antonio place their total trust in God as they move to a higher level of obedience in their finances.

Antonio & Johnetta Vaughn

I am just thankful for how God continues to bless me and my husband’s finances. Since we were able to sell a house that had been plaguing us for 2.5 years, we have jumped into a new era of discipline, paying in cash, paying down debt, and even able to bless others in need. God did it, we were just the willing vessels that trusted Him. So thankful for the people who helped us on this journey. Christine Roebuck and Angelia Williams Graves are just 2, but I can’t even begin to name all the angels He placed in our lives from contractors to prayer Warriors to cheerleaders. God is so good!!! #wemadeit

Thank you for sharing your testimony and keep up the good work.  Above all, keep trusting God!





Christine Roebuck/CEO