Turn your lemons into lemonade.  Many people spend more time complaining about their financial situation than taking the necessary steps to do something about where they are.  Others may not have the knowledge or skills to cause change to happen.  Some know what to do, have the skills and choose not to change, but make excuses for continuing down a dead-end street.  Everybody will go through unfortunate financial situations and may even find themselves in a ditch.  However, there is always a way to get out.  It is imperative that you own where you are and by all means, ask for help. 

Use wisdom when seeking help with your finances.  Seek out a trusted source that has your best interest in mind; do not be afraid to ask questions.  Be aware of organizations that offer to wipe your slate clean, by giving you a new “TIN” number, new “Social security number” or charge you to pay your bills for you.  Whatever your preference, make sure that your values are not compromised and that the service includes teaching you how to manage your finances well, that includes identifying and changing ineffective financial behaviors. 

What are your financial lemons?  It’s important to identify what your lemons are while on your financial journey.  Regardless of what they are, you can turn your financial lemons into lemonade.  Financial lemons can be a bitter taste in your mouth, stress you out emotionally, could cause depression and affect your ability to remain hopeful about your situation.  These are examples of what financial lemons can look like:

What are financial lemons?

1)      Creating new debt when you are already in over your head.

2)      Accruing unnecessary late charges

3)      Ignoring your creditors, living in fear

4)      Not knowing what to do and refusing to help yourself

5)      Knowing what to do and refusing to change

6)      Filing bankruptcy because you want to wipe your slate clean and avoid the process of learning new good financial behaviors.

Turn your lemons into lemonade!

1)       Stop digging!

2)      Make a conscious decision to change your ineffective financial behaviors.

3)      Ask for HELP!

4)      Be willing to see the process through.

5)      Put a strategy in place and stick with it.

Today is a great day to decide to be an active participant in your own rescue.  The sooner you will able to identify the “LEMONS” in your finances and own them; the more likely you are to turn them into lemonade.   Where ever you are today, decide to start digging your way out, ask for help and be prepared for transformation to take place.  See the process through.

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