Intentionality and strategy are two essential keys to sound money management.  First, you must be intentional about managing your money. Assigning every dollar must be intentional.  Alike implementing a sound strategy requires critically deliberate thinking.  Don’t take it for granted that your dollar will assign or grow itself.  You can be sure that if you do neither, assign every dollar or invest wisely; your money will manage itself. 

Here are money management commitments some wealth builders made, intentionally, for their families, in their own words:

“Cooking!”  ~Larcenia Hall~

“Meal planning:  Meal planning because we have been spending too much money on takeout.  We are reeling back for sure. ~Pastor Marquissa Williams~

“Whew!!  Way too much eating out.  So cooking and bringing to work!” ~Prophetess Lakita Corey~

“I’m a Chef…I’m cooking at home, me and Mrs. Dash.” ~Pastor Garlena Hines~

“Meal planning!” ~Kiara Jones~

Paying extra on my credit card accounts!” ~Apostle Latrice Williams~

“Cooking instead of purchasing fast food. ~TraCi Lee~

“Meal Planning!” ~Phyllis Sargent~

“I should be meal planning, but I get anxious about the planning part.” ~Ashley Wallace~

Don’t despise small beginnings.  Where ever you are on the subject of good money management, you can make small changes that will produce huge transformations in your life.  Why not start today?

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Christine Roebuck, Financial Strategist