What do you do when the government shuts down?  A government shutdown is never a good thing for our country; to make it personal, your household. First of all, the political process is very confusing for those who really doesn’t have a good grasp on the effects that a shutdown causes.  For example, who gets paid, what businesses shuts down and how does it affect the American people?  The bottom-line is, thinking of a government shutdown can be stressful to most people.

I want to encourage you to do a couple of things: Pray for our leaders and filter through the bickering among our government officials. Second, don’t get mad, utilize times like these to get even.  Yes, I said to get EVEN!

The best way to get even is to have a strategy in place to rescue your own family before you’re faced with not receiving a paycheck. Many of you have heard me say this over and over and over; get your emergency fund in place. Having a robust emergency fund empowers you to continue moving forward when it seems as though your livelihood is in jeopardy.

Applied knowledge coupled with execution is sometimes the remedy for situations such as this one.  This is not a political article.  This is yet another alarm sounding, that implores you not to depend on the government to rescue you.  Live within your means, but not beneath your privileges and be prepared for the rainy days and other emergencies of all sorts.

Whatever you do, do not be too alarmed. Stop and focus on building your safety net for other emergencies that will arise as well.