The key to change is being able to know when to SHIFT; you are that key.  Things happen in life that could cause a shaking in your finances.  However, when a catastrophic “suddenly” happens in life that could cause your finances to take a dive, “SHIFT”.  Some individuals are prone to try continuing to live the same lifestyle that they were living prior to the “suddenly”.  For example, attempting to continue to do things such as pick up the tab at lunch or dinner, live in a luxurious home, drive the luxurious car, continue shopping at the high dollar retailers or continue to lend money that your spending plan does not support.  You can fill in the blanks with whatever you are doing to continue the same lifestyle and the “suddenly” has happened in your life.  Identify those things and places that you could really live without for a season.

Take a step back and assess the situation and ask yourself; what is a need versus a want?  What can you absolutely live without that you are clinging to?  Be aware of perception!!  Avoid trying to uphold the standards that others may have of you.  Being overly concerned about what other people think can create greater stress and cause you to go deeper in debt, hence prolonging your journey towards financial freedom.

A couple of things you should consider are; first seek financial counseling.  An unbiased expert can help you to identify and navigate your way through the problem areas that could be keeping you stagnant.  Secondly, avoid asking the opinion of someone experiencing the same situation that you are faced with.  Instead seek help from a professional or someone who is moving in the direction you desire to move towards.

Remember that when you find yourself down, if you “SHIFT”, your direction will change; up.

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