Avoid letting other people influence your lifestyle.  There is no need to impress anyone that is not stroking a check for your bank account (paying your bills).  A woman in the produce area of a grocery store was talking to another friend so loudly, I couldn’t help but to hear how she had maxed out her credit card and had no money left in the bank.  The friend wanted her to stay out of work for a month, just traveling.  She was telling the person in the store that she had to go back to work, that she could not do it anymore.


I know some of you are saying that’s crazy, why would she do such a thing?  This is real!!  There is such a thing called peer pressure that adults are faced with and yes there is something called using common sense.  Do not try to live like the Jones’; they are broke at a higher level; no pun intended.  You never know what’s going on behind the fancy cars and big homes.


Nice things are great and we should enjoy them when we can afford them.  Don’t stress yourself out trying to live above your means and please don’t live beneath your privileges.


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