Will it be paper or plastic?

If we were to be very honest; would you agree that before debit cards we as consumers were able to keep a better running balance in our checkbook register?

Swiping the plastic has made it so easy to pay for things that consumers have gotten too lax with logging transactions in a checkbook register. Viewing the statements online seems to have replaced balancing a bank statement. Some financial institutions are going “green” and are encouraging many customers to go paperless. I am a tree lover and a lover of our environment; therefore I have no problems with that. The question is what replaces receiving a hard copy of your statement which is a reminder to balance your checkbook? Have you noticed that your level of accuracy in maintaining your book balance has changed?


There are a few things that you can do:

1)      View your statement from your bank’s website or print it out (still using paper)


2)      Invest in software that uploads your banking information and allows you to enter your data and keeps a running balance for you.


3)      Do it the old fashion way – use the checkbook register to log ALL checks written and debit card transactions.


Before you allow things to get out of control; STOP writing and swiping. Take control, write a spending plan and stick to it. When there are two people swiping and writing it makes it harder, however working together as a team makes it possible to maintain control of your book balance.


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