Wise financial decisions positively affect your future and the future generations.  I want to highlight a wealth builder who has intentionally created and implemented good money management practices.  As a result, he has developed financial disciplines that could last a lifetime.

Meet Pastor Jamie Stokes!  Pastor Jamie recently shared that he will use his commission to payoff a $10k loan to bring $400.00 (cash flow) back into his household.  There was no hesitation in his voice about what he would do with the money.  Some would probably go on a shopping spree or mismanage the funds.

Pastor Jamie’s decision created a lasting impact on his household.  He created $400.00 a month ($4800.00 per year), cash flow back into his household, not to mention the amount of interest saved.  So, please carefully consider how you will allocate your next bonus, commissions, donations, or gift.  Generations depend on you.

Awesome work Pastor Jamie; I’m proud of you for making such wise money decisions!  Congratulations!!!!

Christine Roebuck, CEO | Financial Strategist