Last week’s discussion within the LMLDF community was about making your money work for you.  So here are five financial tips to make your money work for you.  Below I’ve shared unorthodox but effective results that have provided optimal results for many wealth builders and me over the years.

Money tip #1 – Understand your worth!
If you do not believe you are worthy of what you earn, neither will anyone else. If you are earning less than you’re worth, you have the power to change that.  The worker is worthy of his wage (1 Tim 5:18).

Money tip #2: Manage what you have well.

You are only given according to your ability.  You will only be given more if you are a good manager of what you have (Matthew 25:15).

Money tip #3:  Avoid wasting time comparing your life with others.

If you don’t love the life you have created for yourself, change it.  Yearning to possess or covet what someone else has is not the life designed for Generational Wealth Builders (Exodus 20:17).  You don’t know what the “Joneses” are going through to maintain their lifestyle. In other words, everybody’s journey is different; stay on your path.  Understanding these principles will develop the financial disciplines needed to keep your cash flowing.  It is unwise to compare your life with others (Matt 25:16-17).


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A generational Wealth Builder, in her own words, says, “Avoiding comparison really helped me. Not just financially but physically. I just made up my mind that my journey is just that, MINE!  I can’t live or be like everything I see.”

(Ashley Wallace, FL)

Money tip #4 – Inspect what you expect.  Why invest your time or money if you’re not expecting a return on your investment?  Make wise investments and expect a return.  Find a trusted, godly financial advisor who listens to you and has your best interest at heart.

Do not let fear paralyze your ability to invest wisely (Matthew 25:16-17).

If you work hard, make sure that you play hard. Rewarding yourself is not something you should feel guilty about.

Money tip #5:  If you plan well, you will live well.

Be intentional about financial planning. You plan for your wedding, baby showers, vacations, retirement, entertainment, and more. Set aside time to think about how you want to live your life for the next five to ten years and retirement.  Make it a priority to seek the One Who created your life for His strategy (Jeremiah 29:11).

There are many more useful tips, so please look at the link I’ve shared below.