Your past financial mistakes produce massive growth.  Reflecting on your past financial mistakes can be instrumental in finding your way forward. Don’t despise your past experiences. If you look closely, your past life experiences produced astronomical growth.

Hindsight is always 20/20. This week I ask the Generational Wealth Builders to share financial advice they would have shared with their younger self.  There is more to be shared with the community.  Below are a few wisdom tips in their own words:

“You don’t need every credit card.  Please save more and live beneath your means.  Also, don’t help everybody!!!!”

~Pastor Sarah McGirt, VA~



 “Name brands don’t mean anything, it’s all made in China.  Keep yo money in yo pocket!”

~Larcenia Hall, AR~





“Pay all of your bills on time and don’t spend or help others if you can’t afford to!!”

~Rotosha Brown, FL~





“SAVE and pay your bills on time. Good credit MATTERS!!!”

~Delegate Angelia Williams-Graves, VA~