There are times when you have to follow your heart and not your bank account.  January 2, 2014 was the last time I have been clothes, shoes or jewelry shopping; I have money, but no desire to shop.  Is there anybody that can relate to that?  I love a great bargain!  My husband and I have a desire to payoff our vehicles and shopping less is enabling us to reach those goals.  Below are valuable things that I have learned since I decided not to shop simply because I can.


1)      I have more than enough

2)      I have everything I need

3)      There are some clothes and shoes that I should donate (why buy more)

4)      Refusing to shop on an impulse is not hard, it is a choice

5)      I am in control of my emotions as it relates to shopping

6)      Doing anything consistently for 28 to 30 days can cause a significant, positive change and develop new disciplines in my life.

7)      I am closer to paying off another vehicle

8)      It is not impossible to do

9)      I haven’t missed out on anything (the bargains will be there when I want or need to shop)

10)  I am in control of my money and it is not in control of me


What could you do with an extra $100 – $1000 (or more) or whatever the amount is that you could save over a two month period?  What is it that you feel you cannot do without?  Determine what that is and start by saying, “I’m not going to do that today”.  Take it day by day and before you know it 30, 60 then 90 days will pass.  Once 30 days pass it is possible that you will have created a new discipline for your life.


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