An “ALL CASH” diet is not as scary as it may seem.   The society that we live in dictates, our life style in many cases.  Swiping can cause you to find yourself swimming in debt trying to keep your head above water.  Should you choose to swipe, use your debit card.   However, to avoid excessive fees be certain that there are sufficient funds in your bank account to cover your purchases.

If you find yourself consistently overspending, STOP!  Let your cards of all kinds (debit and credit) breathe and go ALL CASH!  Parting with your money tends to be more emotional than swiping your card(s).  Summer is here, school is out and it’s vacation time!  Take precaution!  Reality will set in and the bills will resume.  There is still time to plan properly, just in case you have no plans and are ready to take a vacation on a whim.

Think realistically about your current financial status.  Can you afford to fly to your destination or should you take a road trip.  Road trips can be fun, there are no checked baggage fees or limited carry-on items, no security check-points and no expensive snacks for purchase.  You can pack your lunch!  If you have small children, remember to take fun games along, to keep them entertained.

Should you decided on a stay-cation, plan a cook-out, visit museums, take in a movie at home and order in pizza, go to the beach or park.  There are so many things to do that will create wonderful memories without breaking the bank.

ALL CASH isn’t scary and is not all bad!  The one thing that could be scary and not so good are the credit card bills once they start coming in.

Have an enjoyable “ALL CASH” vacation this summer.  How are you planning to spend your summer?

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