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CNN Money (2013) says that 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  Moving into the 24 percentile of this group is possible now and it starts with how you view your current situation.  An individual’s thought process on any situation can shape your destiny.  Choose today to stop sabotaging your journey to financial wellness.  Become empowered to change your perspective of a negative outlook regarding your finances.  These are some practical steps to start with:

1)  Take ownership of what your current financial situation looks like

2)  Identify your strengths and weaknesses that cripples your thought process

3)  Take practical steps to CAUSE change to happen

Some of those reasons that may have caused you to be one of the households to fall into the 76% category can be seen in the article “Becoming a student of you journey”.  Nevertheless, one of the greatest deal breakers to

financial success is pretending that everything is perfect.  Life will rain on your parade at one time or another during your journey to financial freedom.  Therefore, acknowledge the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

Secondly, everyone has strengths and weaknesses in this area; identify them, own them and when needed, make changes.  A LMLDF student, Justus Rudisill, shared that “The weakness that he would like to change is being comfortable being broke”.  Many adults would never admit that this could be their current mindset.  For this high school junior, that was a very bold and powerful acknowledgment!  He has empowered himself by identifying the weakness, that he will overcome, and as a result changed his perspective on his current way of thinking.  He initiated change by writing a successful spending plan and he has plans to implement good financial behaviors now, as a youth, managing his money well.  As an adult he plans to use the knowledge that he has gained to operate with a renewed mindset regarding his finances.  Great job Justus!

Remember that change requires action, it doesn’t happen by osmosis.  Future generations depends on you.  It’s time to evict procrastination which leads to stagnation.  Start today by taking practical steps to cause change to happen.  Make living a debt free life and register for the “Next Level Move” Workshop” TODAY!

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