“Black Friday” is upon us.  Many people are preparing to hit the stores and shop until they find the items that they have in mind.  In past years some retailers such as Macy’s, Kohl’s, Bealls, Target and Best Buy opened at midnight for the first time; setting the pace for others that opened at 4:00 am, 5:00 am and for some 6:00 am.  Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year.  Be prepared for very long lines where ever you live or will be traveling.  Some customers will be camping out at stores in an effort to be the first in line to purchase the item that they have in mind.

Pay attention NOW to the sales on retail items such as clothes, shoes, appliances, bedding etc.  You will find “GREAT” deals that could be the same, if not better than Black Friday deals; take advantage of those deals while you can.  If you are the shopper that prefer the crowds, the adrenaline rush and the thrill of Black Friday or just want to socialize with family and friends looking for deals; shopping the day after Thanksgiving might be the way to go.

For a sneak peek at some of the Black Friday deal leaks keep reading.  Electronics will (Fortune News, Morris 2015) be the most deeply discounted items on sale as the holiday shopping season officially gets underway.  And TVs will see the biggest cuts.  To help you prepare for the retail frenzy, Fortune consulted with experts from BestBlackFriday.com and DealNews.com, who monitor Black Friday ads, comparing the deals to products’ typical retail price throughout the year.  I have looked at these websites and it’s very interesting.  Take a look, it might help you to become a smarter, less frustrated shopper as it relates to finding the stores that could be offering the best deals on the products you are in search of.

A few of my simple money-saving tips for “Black Friday” shopping that could create a more calm and enjoyable experience:

  • Make sure you have a strategy before leaving home.
  • Make a list and STICK TO IT!
  • Leave your credit cards at home (unless you can afford to pay them off within 30 days)
  • Give yourself an allowance (budget specifically for Black Friday shopping)
  • Expect stores to be crowded and expect long lines at check-out
  • Prepare your mind for heavy traffic

Leaving home with a plan could help make your shopping experience less chaotic and more enjoyable.  Wandering aimlessly throughout malls and driving from store to store looking for an item without having any idea of what you’re searching for, will frustrate you.  It is during a frustrating moment such as the aforementioned that you could spend more money on items that you had not intended on purchasing.  Don’t go broke getting caught up in the hype.

To avoid all of the hustle and bustle, remember that online shopping for Black Friday deals will be available before and after for some retailers.  Also, just in case you can’t get out to shop on Black Friday, remember that sales are going to continue throughout Christmas and into the New Year.

Happy “Black Friday” planning!

Please share your “Black Friday” experiences by leaving a comment.  E-mail me at christineroebuck@livemylifedebtfree.com.