How does your level of commitment to your goals line up with your actions?

Commitment, discipline and prioritizing are three important components that could shift your current situation and alter your financial destiny.  If you have allowed procrastination to dominate against your effort to manage your finances well in the past; allowing it to continue will yield the same results.  In contrast, making managing well a high priority on your list, coupled with a high level of commitment and discipline; your financial structural foundation will be strong.  Deciding to stamp out procrastination today will shape a more productive future.  If you have begun to increase your level of commitment to manage well, investing and saving more, eliminating bad money habits and adding to your income; the time invested in the process of debt elimination today will yield favorable results five to ten years from now.

Below are tips that you can apply to alter your financial destiny:

1)       Check your financial foundation – What financial principles are you using?  What metrics are you using to monitor your growth?  What’s your philosophy on money?  A solid foundation can sustain you when financial struggles/catastrophes happen (expensive car repairs, job loss or illness).

2)      Give Every dollar an assignment – be aware of where your money is going.  Some people unconsciously spend their money until it is gone and at times are unable to determine where it was spent.  Tell your money what to do and do not let it dictate to you how it’s spent.

3)      Check your motives – Are you committed to battle the challenges that comes with becoming financially free of debt? Or are you expecting your financial behaviors to change without diligence?  Do you have plans to leave an inheritance for your children’s children?  When things are great in your finances be committed to making them even better.  When times are hard, be more committed to change the landscape of your atrocities.  Choose to win!

4)      Prioritize – Make securing a stable foundation financially, for your family a top priority.  Many people will admit that they are having financial difficulties, but at times does not make it a priority to cause change to happen.  Any person that have great financial behaviors, put forth the effort to rid themselves of bad financial habits.  They are committed to making discipline a priority.

Your level of commitment must line up with your actions.  My challenge to you is to ask yourself, does your attitude towards your finances line up with your level of commitment?  Are you wishing and hoping that things will change?  Or are you willing to evict every excuse and condition yourself with discipline for the journey?  The decisions you make today will shape your future.

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