A Dose of Discipline

Creating new disciplines are easy to do and easy not to do.  Discipline is often one of the key essentials that an individual disregard as it relates to their finances.  For example, monitoring your finances.  Do you know where your money is going?  If not why?  If the answer is yes, what are you doing with it?  Is it working for you or are you continuing to work for your money?  There is more to life than working to pay bills or just keeping your head above water.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the $20.00 you had in your pocket/purse the morning you left for work and now you have $2.50?  I challenge you to take a picture of yourself every time you swipe your card or spend cash – review it at the end of the day.  Ask yourself – Did you really need whatever you purchased or did you just want it?  Strive to become responsible at all cost.

Avoid letting your money play the disappearing act; create the money monitoring discipline today.  Implement tracking your expenses as one of your new disciplines towards your financial independence, today.  Doing something so simple might seem tedious and ineffective; however at the end of the day you will know where your money is being spent.  How much money will you SAVE or WASTE if you do not take action to take a dose of discipline and stash the cash?  Use a STASH JAR!  You would be surprised how loose change or $1 a day could grow.  Think about it!  Have you spent at least one dollar today?  Did you spend $1 yesterday?  How about the day before?  That’s three dollars that could be in your STASH JAR.

I would love to see your stash jar.  Feel free to share if you will be starting a stash jar or currently have one.

E-mail me at christineroebuck@livemylifedebtfree.com.