How does your financial associations rate?  Your circle of friends could reflect what your financial goals, dreams and aspirations look like.  Find compatibility within your circles.  Does your circle of friends consist of people who are visionaries, positive thinkers, wise counselors?  Are they disciplined money managers?  Are they savers, investors, dreamers and goal oriented?  Or are they impulse spenders, operate without a sense of direction financially, unconscious about how they spend their money?  Do they have a financial plan in place?  Whatever your description of your circle, that could be your destiny.

Consider your associations; their money habits could become yours.  The earlier you determine where you are and adopt new sound disciplines; you could more than likely nurture those disciplines to healthy habits and the healthy habits will become a wealthy lifestyle.  If you are currently in a place where you are unable to afford to be connected to people who spend a lot of money on entertainment, dining out at expensive restaurants, taking expensive vacations, or making expensive purchases.  It is okay to change your circle until your bank account is suited for those things.  Make keeping up with the Jones’ secondary on your list while you accomplish important goals and/or on your journey towards financial freedom.

Your current decisions shape your financial future.  How you operate now will determine the spouse you will choose to live your life with.  There is a saying that, “opposites attract”, but when it comes to money; it is usually quite the contrary.  I have counseled individuals who said, “I want someone who does not have a lot of debt and someone who is ambitious and want a bright future”.  Some couples have shared that, “Before we got married he or she didn’t spend as much money; now we have separate accounts”.

There are many variables to consider as it relates to being mindful of our associations and the detriment that unhealthy associations can bring upon your ability to make a next level move in your finances.  However, do yourself a favor and make an honest assessment today.  Where do you stand with your associations?  Are they financially healthy associations?  Will the next five years look like the last five?  The decisions you make today with shape your tomorrow.

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